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Electronic Voting Hot List

This page contains a list of links to Internet sites with electronic-voting related information. It is intended as a resource list for those doing research on electronic voting and those interested in implementing electronic voting systems.

When I first started compiling this list I included only links related to electronic voting over public computer networks. However, I have since added links to a variety of related issues.

Let me know if you find a good link I missed. Please send suggestions for additional links to lorrie@acm.org. Sorry there are so many broken links here, I haven't had time to do a thorough update in a while.

'New to this subject and wondering what you should read first? Here's what I recommend:


Available Online Voting Systems

While there's been a lot of research on electronic voting systems, there isn't much software available that you can purchace or download and use to run an election immediatly. The systems described in this section may be useful to those running an election for a non-governmental organization.

Experimental Electronic Voting System Descriptions and Software

Electronic Voting Protocol Papers

See also Rachel Greenstadt's electronic voting bibliography

Real Internet Polls

Despite the fact that these appear to be serious efforts at gauging public opinion, at last check the sites below had few if any mechanisms in place for guaranteeing both security and privacy.

General Electronic Voting Information

Risks and Reliability

Vote by Phone

Vote by Mail

Although this is not directly related to electronic voting, this section is included because it deals with an alternative form of voting that is starting to gain acceptance for governmental elections. Studying the path to acceptance of vote-by-mail may provide insight into how electronic voting may gain acceptance.

"It's a step into the information age; it fits with voters' lifestyles." -- Oregon State Senator Randy Miller

Electronic Democracy

Related Issues

Election Information

Voting Equipment and Services Vendors

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