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by Lorrie Faith Cranor

Welcome to the Sensus site, the official distribution point for the Sensus implementation and information.

Sensus is a security-conscious electronic polling system designed for conducting secure and private elections and surveys over the Internet. I developed Sensus as part of my master's research at Washington University in St. Louis. The project has been completed and I have graduated. I am no longer maintaining Sensus.

In theory, Sensus should offer sufficient security and privacy for most polling needs, however, it has not been very well tested (and the current implementation is kind of clunky and won't scale). If you would like to try it anyway and you live in the United States or Canada) you may download the Sensus software and give it a try.

You might also try another implementation based on the Fujioka, Okamoto, and Ohta paper by Ron Rivest and some of his students at MIT. Unlike Sensus, this implementation continues to be maintained and improved.

If you're looking for a simple email voting system with minimal security and no encryption, you may want to take a look at some Perl scripts my husband and I hacked together to run our graduate student government election.

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