This page contains pointers to all my voting-related work and other related resources. See especially my electronic voting hotlist and my essay on Voting After Florida.

Electronic voting work at AT&T Research

In 1997 we worked with the Center for Information Law and Policy at the Villanova University School of Law to help design the technical aspects of an electronic voting system trial forCosta Rica. The trial was originally planned for 1 Feb 1998, but has been postponed at the request of the government of Costa Rica. See the CyberTimes articles on this project from 22 October 1997 and 30 January 1998. Or listen to the 26 November 1997 Hotwired interview.

Electronic voting resources


Sensus is a security-conscious electronic polling system designed for conducting secure and private elections and surveys over the Internet. I developed a Sensus prototype as part of my master's research at Washington University.

Declared-Strategy Voting

Declared-Strategy Voting is a novel group decision-making procedure in which preference is specified using voting strategies, thus allowing voters to cast ballots that are both effective and expressive. This project was the subject of my dissertation.

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