Lorrie Cranor's Photo Gallery

This page needs to be reorganized. But for the time being, here's where you can find most of my web photos. There are also some more on Facebook.

Family photos

Travel photos

Old photos

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Artistic Photos

On the Internet Nobody Knows if the New Yorker is a Dog - 1994
Programming Languages Puzzle - 1994
Black-Eyed Susans - 1992
Chuck With Guitar - computer enhanced color photo, 1994
Kids on a Washington, DC Playground - 1991
Jacob's Escalator - 1991
Grosvenor Metro Station at Sunrise - 1991
Crosses - 1991
Boat and Gazebo - 1991
Three White Cups - 1991
Still Life with Pepper and Mushroom - 1991
Little Girl at Farmers' Market - 1990

Photo Scrapbook

Jeremy and Amber at their wedding reception - June 25, 2000
Lorrie and Chuck at Jeremy and Amber's wedding - June 25, 2000
Lorrie and Jeremy at Jeremy and Amber's wedding - June 25, 2000
Lorrie's swag - June 25, 2000
Chuck in tuxedo - June 25, 2000
Amber on stairs - June 25, 2000
Photos of our new house - December 1999
Lorrie and Chuck with Blocks World Quilt - December 1999
Christmas - December 1999
Chuck and Lorrie playing with Mom's new digital camera - December 1999
Chuck, Zubin, Christos, and Milind at graduation - St. Louis, May 13, 1999
Chuck getting hooded at WU engineering graduate recognition ceremony - St. Louis, May 12, 1999
Lorrie and Chuck with a kangaroo - Brisbane, Australia, April 18, 1998
Chuck in his basement office - Florham Park, New Jersey, Spring 1998
Lorrie and Chuck at Lorrie's Graduation - St. Louis, May 1997
Lorrie and Chuck at Ginny and Jeff's wedding - Delaware, June 29, 1997
View of Honolulu from Diamond Head January 1997
AT&T Ship, Long Lines - Oahu, Hawaii, January 1997
Lorrie and Chuck on Delmar - St. Louis, May 17, 1996
Lorrie at the zoo on a warm February day - St. Louis, February 25, 1996
Lorrie in front of a pine tree - St. Louis, February 25, 1996
Chuck and Lorrie, December 1995
Brad, Lorrie, Rob, Chuck, and Artistic Creation Over Milind's Desk, 1995
Chuck With Statue - St. Louis, 1994
Chuck With Llama - Colorado, 1993
Lorrie in her office - St. Louis, 1993
Michael J. Ackerman, PhD - 1991
PhD^2 - 1990
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