Lorrie Cranor's "Everything Else" Page

This is where I put everything else that didn't fit somewhere else. This page tends to be out of date.

I a gave a lecture at the University of Toronto IPSI in November 2009 that was recorded and is available online. Look in the IPSI public lectures (Fall 2009) folder and scroll down to my lecture at the bottom of the page.

ACM. I am a member of USACM, the ACM US public policy committee. I previously served on the ACM Publications board and on the advisory board for Crossroads, The ACM Student Magazine, a publication I was editor-in-chief of for two years while in graduate school.

Art. When I have time, I enjoy dabbling in art and photography. I took up patchwork and hand quilting while in graduate school. After I graduated I bought a sewing machine and started machine quilting. Click here for photos of some of my creations: Photographs, Paintings and Drawings, Art to Wear, Quilts.

Essays. Here is a list of essays I have written, mostly a long time ago.

Music. I played the flute and piccolo in high school, but decided I needed a louder instrument when I joined the Pep Band in college. So I learned how to play alto sax, and later switched to tenor sax. When I lived in New Jersey I played in the Chatham Community Band.

Social Informatics. I am interested in the impacts of computers on society, and attempts to control these impacts through technology and legislation. This is sometimes referred to as social informatics. The Computers, Freedom and Privacy conference is a great place to learn about these issues. A related area of interest is value-sensitive design.

Washington University. I attended Washington University in St. Louis from 1989 to 1996. One of my favorite WU activities was the Pep Band. I was also involved in graduate student government, serving as coordinator of the Association of Graduate Engineering Students and the 1995-96 graduate student representative to the board of trustees. My degrees are from the Engineering and Policy and Computer Science departments.

Yoga. I started practicing yoga the first time I was pregnant and have been doing it on and off ever since. I currently take yoga classes at a wonderful Point Breeze studio called Inner Hearth Yoga.