Academic Genealogy

Thanks to Serge Egelman for figuring this out

Ebenezer Rockwood Hoar (Harvard, 1839)
Lawyer, US attorney general under Ulysses S. Grant, member of MA state legislature

Charles Franklin Dunbar (Harvard, 1851)
First holder of a chair of political economy at Harvard, founder of the Quarterly Journal of Economics

Frank William Taussig (Harvard, 1883) and William Zebina Ripley (Columbia, 1893)

Douglass Vincent Brown (Harvard, 1932)

Gilbert K. Krulee (MIT, 1950) [bio]
Professor of electrical and computer engineering

David Jerome Kuck (Northwestern, 1963)
Computer science professor

Ron Cytron (UIUC, 1984)
Computer science professor

Lorrie Faith Cranor (Washington University in St. Louis, 1996)
Professor of computer science and engineering & public policy

Lorrie Cranor's graduated PhD students

Joshua Tan, September 2020
SC Thesis: Practical security guidance for authentication-system designers
Current employer: Amazon

Pardis Emami-Naeini, May 2020
SC Thesis:Informing Privacy and Security Decision Making in an IoT World
Current employer: University of Washington

Abigail Marsh, August 2018
SC Thesis: An Examination of Parenting Strategies for Children's Online Safety
Current employer: Macalester College

Blase Ur, September 2016
SC Thesis: Supporting Password-Security Decisions with Data
Current employer: University of Chicago

Manya Sleeper, August 2016
SC Thesis: Everyday Online Sharing
Current employer: Google

Saranga Komanduri, May 2016
SC Thesis: Modeling the adversary to evaluate password strength with limited samples
Current employer: Civis Analytics

Richard Shay, May 2015
COS Thesis: Creating Usable Policies for Stronger Passwords with MTurk
Current employer: Lincoln labs

Pedro Giovanni Leon, December 2014
EPP Thesis: Privacy Notice and Choice in Practice
Current employer: Central Bank of Mexico

Rebecca Balebako, December 2014
EPP Thesis: Identifying and Communicating the Risks of Smartphone Data Sharing
Current employer: RAND

Cristian Bravo-Lillo, May 2014
EPP Thesis: Improving Computer Security Dialogs: An Exploration of Attention and Habituation
Current employer: RSEduca

Patrick Gage Kelley, May 2013 (co-advised with Norman Sadeh)
COS Thesis: Designing Privacy Notices: Supporting User Understanding and Control
Current employer: Google

Kami Vaniea, September 2012 (co-advised with Lujo Bauer)
CSD Thesis: Proximity Information Displays for Access Control
Current employer: University of Edinburgh

Aleecia McDonald, September 2010
EPP Thesis: Footprints Near the Surf: Individual Privacy Decisions in Online Contexts
Current employer: Carnegie Mellon University

Janice Tsai, August 2009
EPP Thesis: The Impact of Saliant Privacy Information on Decision-Making
Current employer: Microsoft Research

Serge Egelman, May 2009
COS Thesis: Trust Me: Design Patterns for Constructing Trustworthy Trust Indicators
Current employer: University of California, Berkeley

Ponnurangam Kumaraguru, May 2009
COS Thesis: PhishGuru: A System for Educating Users about Semantic Attacks
Current employer: Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Delhi

Steve Sheng, September 2009
EPP Thesis: Phishing Countermeasures: A Policy Analysis
Current employer: ICANN

Rob Reeder, July 2008
CSD Thesis: Expandable Grids: A user interface visualization technique and a policy semantics to support fast, accurate security and privacy policy authoring
Current employer: Google