See also my IEEE Security and Privacy podcast with Bob Blakely Over the Rainbow.

Lorrie Cranor's Videos and Podcasts

These are mostly videos of talks, panels, and press appearances

What's Next - 3-minute CMU School of Computer Science Video featuring me talking about my privacy research

3-minute video of our vision for IoT Security and Privacy Labels shown at White House even in July 2023

Improving Transparency for Online Privacy - ~3-minute video about my privacy and transparency research, May 2023

Nexus Podcast: Lorrie Cranor on IoT Security and Privacy Labels with Michael Mimoso, May 2, 2023

Tech Swamp podcast by ACT | The App Association - Episode 56 - my interview on privacy nutrition labels starts around minute 5:30

Shifting Privacy Left Podcast, Privacy Engineers: The Next Generation w/ Lorrie Cranor, Host: Debra J. Farber, December 6, 2022

Privacy Engineering at CMU and Privacy Decision Making with Dr. Lorrie Cranor - 45 minute "Partially Redacted" audio podcast

Informing the Design of Cookie Consent Interfaces with Research - 20 minute video for PEPR 2022, recorded in my kitchen

An interview with Cup of Java, a project from students at my highschool aimed at inspiring girls in STEM - 15 minutes, Summer 2022

Smart Homes Virtual Town Hall with PA state Rep. Dan Miller, January 20, 2022

Security and Privacy for Humans - UCSF-Stanford CERSI-FDA Cybersecurity Distinguised Speaker Series on Cybersecurity for Biomedical Engineering, January 20, 2022

Illustrating Privacy Engineering Concepts with Potty Talk - 20-minute talk I presented at the 2021 Conference on Privacy Engineering Practice and Respect (PEPR)

Me and my bass flute - a 3.5 minute video about one of my pandemic hobbies - See also my recording of the Bach Cello Suites, arranged for bass flute

Designing Useful and Usable Privacy Interfaces - talk I presented over Zoom in May 2021 to a seminar at University of Waterloo

Showcasing an IoT Privacy and Security Label - talk presented at IAPP Global Privacy Summit Online 2021 (sorry it is only available for free to IAPP members)

Security and Privacy for Humans - talk I presented over Zoom in March 2021 to a seminar at USC

Security and Privacy for Humans - talk I presented over zoom to the Commonwealth Cyber Initiative in February 2021

Security and Privacy for Humans - talk I presented over Zoom in December 2020 to a seminar at Purdue

Keeping it real and accounting for risk: usable privacy ans security study challenges - talk I recorded to present at the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society 64th International Annual Meeting (HFES 2020) in October 2020

IoT security: University creates new labels for devices to increase awareness for consumers - 11-minute interview with Karen Roby, TechRepublic, October 14, 2020

IoT Devices: Security and Privacy Labels Research - Lorrie Cranor - PSW #645 - 50-minute interview on Security Weekly podcast

The Hugh Thompson Show, featuring Penn & Teller and Dr. Lorrie Cranor - Talk-show style interview (I'm introduced at 10:30)

Short IAPP videos - user-centered design in privacy and Carnegie Mellon's privacy engineering masters curriculum

Tales of an Accidental Computer Science Professor - Facebook live of 38-minute after-dinner keynote at 2019 Women in Cyber Security Conference (you can't see the slides, but it makes sense without them and audio is pretty good)

Security, Privacy and Human Behavior - Opening Remarks 23-minute overview, presented at RSA 2019, March 4, 2019

Women in Software and Cybersecurity - 18-minute podcast video interview, Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute, January 2019

Web privacy and security: the user experience - 45-minute keynote talk at the 2018 Web Conference, followed by questions and panel discussion (starts about 3 minutes in); 5-minute interview following the talk

Algorithmic Transparency - 15-minute spotlight talk at Conference on Ethics and AI at Carnegie Mellon, April 10, 2018 [includes panel discussion at the end of the session]

Lorrie Faith Cranor: 2018 IAPP Leadership Award Winner - 8.5-minute video interview

CMU's Lorrie Cranor talks trends in privacy engineering - short video interview at IAPP Global Privacy Summit 2018

Tales from an Accidental Computer Science Professor - 60 minute talk plus questions, Indiana University, February 8, 2018

Real Humans Simulated Attacks: Usability Testing with Attack Scenarios - 50-minute talk at Black Hat 2017

CBS Sunday Morning video featuring me and my password dress - also text version

Putting Privacy Notices to the Test - 20-minute talk at USENIX Enigma 2017

How Online Tracking Works - 52-minute keynote talk at Silicon Flatirons conference on The Future of Advertising and Privacy (I start around minute 6)

Putting Transparency to the Test - 20-minute keynote talk at AdExchanger's Clean Ads I/O 2016

Personal privacy assistants in the age of the Internet of Things - 5-minute video from the 2016 World Economic Forum in Davos (transcript)

Lorrie Cranor: Online Security and Privacy - a 3-minute video interview produced by the CMU Engineering School

Conducting Usable Privacy and Security Studies: It's Complicated - seminar at Stanford, November 20, 2015

Conducting Usable Privacy and Security Studies: It's Complicated - USENIX Security Invited Talk, August 12, 2015

Privacy Illustrated - 18-minute presentation from Deep Lab Lecture Series, December 2014, full transcript available

iloveyou password 123456 - March 2, 2014, 18-minute TEDxCMU talk

Computers, Quilts, and Privacy - November 1, 2013, a one-hour presentation about my quilts

Privacy Nudges and Self-Censorship on Social Media - October 7, 2013, a one-hour CyLab seminar about my research

Local People React To NSA Collecting Verizon Telephone Data By Jon Delano, KDKA, June 6, 2013.

Necessary But Not Sufficient: Standardized Mechanisms for Privacy Notice and Choice - Seminar at Harvard Center for Research on Computation and Society, May 6, 2013

David vs. Goliath -- Social Media Week 2013 debate on digital privacy, February 2013

CMU Privacy Day Highlights Challenges And Showcases Research - Video of privacy day panel discussion, January 28, 2013

15 Years of Privacy Notice and Choice - Seminar at CMU CyLab, November 2011

The Economics of Privacy Silicon Flatirons event at Colorado Law, December 2, 2011. I'm in Session One. I give a 12-minute talk around the 60 minute mark and participate in a discussion later.

Banks, Credit-Card Issuers Warn Of Email Breach - WTAE Channel 4 video including interview, April 4, 2011,

Nobody Telling Card Shopper Who Breached His Account - WTAE Channel 4 video including interview, January 16, 2011

EFF panel: Architecture is policy - March 8, 2010 at CMU, featuring Ed Felten, Dave Farber, Lorrie Cranor, John Buckman, and Cindy Cohn

C-SPAN video library

INI: Security and Privacy? panel, April 2010

FTC Considers 'Do Not Track' List For Internet Users By Jon Delano, KDKA, December 2, 2010.