Lorrie Cranor's Information for Prospective Students

I advise students in a variety of graduate and undergraduate programs at Carnegie Mellon. These are the programs where most of my students come from:

I would be happy to answer your questions about these graduate programs. I'm also happy to talk with current CMU students about research projects.

Please read about my research interests before you contact me about being my student. If you write to me and tell me that you are excited about the opportunity to work with a famous cryptographer such as myself, I will delete your email without a response, or depending what sort of mood I am in, email you back and suggest you learn how to read first. Please show me that you have college-level reading skills by reading about my research interests and composing an email to me that demonstrates that comprehension.

Prospective PhD students, read this before you email me! If you are interested in working with me as a PhD student, you must first apply and be admitted to one of the Carnegie Mellon PhD programs. I am not on the admissions committee and I cannot admit students directly. If you are interested in doing research in usable privacy and security, mention this in your application. Once you have been admitted to CMU, feel free to contact me.

Prospective visiting students, read this before you email me! Most of the students I supervise for research projects are Carnegie Mellon students. I do not have any funding for visiting graduate students. I can sometimes fund visiting undergraduate summer students who are interested in doing usable privacy and security research through one of the programs that funds internships for US citizens, especially women and under-represented minorities.