15-290 / 19-211 Computers and Society

Homework 3 - due February 3, 2005

Reading assignment: Quinn 2

1. Use one or more of the search engines discussed in class to find four articles or papers that discuss spam counter measures. Include at least one paper presented at a conference in the past two years and at least one paper published in a peer-reviewed technical journal. Create a bibliography using the Chicago/Turabian reference list (sometimes called "works cited") format.

2. Pick one spam counter measure that you read about that you think is promising. Briefly describe how it works. Describe both the benefits and the down sides of this approach. Properly cite at least one relevant source.

3. Review the Privacy & technology section of the ACLU web site to get a feel for the kinds of issues our guest speaker, Barry Steinhardt, has been working on. Be sure to look at the headlines on the pages for Internet Free Speech and Surveillance & Wiretapping. Come up with at least two questions that you might ask Barry Steinhardt.