15-508 / 17-801 / 19-608 / 95-818: Privacy Policy, Law, and Technology

Homework 6 - due October 7, 2004

Reading Assignment: Cranor - 5, 6 (p. 104-109 optional), 7, 11, Millett paper (Optional: Cranor 12)

1. (30 points, 4 for each summary, 2 for each highlight) Write a short summary of each chapter and article in the reading assignment (2-5 sentences each). After each summary (in a separate paragraph) provide a "highlight" for that chapter. This can be something new you learned that you found particularly interesting, a point you would like to discuss further in class, a question the chapter did not fully answer, something you found confusing, a point you disagree with, or anything else you found noteworthy.

2. (40 points) Download and try at least two P3P user agents (for example, Privacy Bird, IE6, Netscape 7 -- see http://www.w3.org/P3P/implementations for other choices, but don't review P3P-related software that is not a user agent). Then answer the following:

Note: You may need to find a Windows machine to complete this question as some P3P user agents only run under Windows.

3. (30 points) In homework 4, you each picked an industry or type of web site and read three privacy policies. As it turns out, some of the sites you picked were P3P-enabled but some were not. Go back to the three sites whose privacy policies you looked at and do the following: